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It might sound like a normal service for you, but you wouldn't believe how many people don't change their engine oil often enough. We see sludged up gummed up and seized up engines come into this shop all the time. Number one "have to" service for your vehicles is the oil change service every 3000 miles or about every 3 months.

Engines need clean oil to stay lubricated and running smoothly. How long your engine lasts is totally dependant on how often you change your oil and the quality of motor oil and filter used. A few motor oils out there have a wax base that they start with. We don't recommend these oils as they sludge up more than other brands. We prefer to use a Valvoline or Castrol product as we have had excellent results from using them.

As engine oil gets dirty and picks up small metal particles and carbon, the filter works hard to keep them from getting back to the engine as the oil is pumped through it. As time and miles go by, that filter element gets weaker and softer. If it's not changed as regular intervals like every 3000 miles, holes and tears can develop in the filter allowing all the engine killing particles to pass back into the engine.

Oil changes are the number one neglected service out there, and the most important if you want your car to last. It's cheap insurance to keep your oil changes up to date. You car or truck will reward you with many more miles, and less problems in the long run.

Synthetic oils are becoming more common now. Some manufacturers are even filling engine with synthetic motor oil from the factory. Turbo charged cars tend to have less problems when synthetic oil is used as it has less thermal breakdown and lasts longer than conventional oils. It costs about twice as much to use synthetic oil, but some folks thing it's worth it. It's not a good idea to switch from using conventional oils to synthetics unless your car is almost new. Doing this on an older car can cause the oil seals and gaskets, to harden, soften or fail causing oil leaks and problems. Generally synthetic oil change intervals are a little longer than a normal oil change, some up to 5000 miles between oil changes. Always check your owners manual for service schedules.