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The term "Tune Up" is a term that's been used for everything from installing spark plugs to changing a filter. Back in the old days cars had more consumable parts in the ignition systems and needed a little more tweaking and adjusting than the modern day cars and light trucks.

In the way back machine, cars and truck had contact or points in the ignition system that needed to be replaced and adjusted at almost every tune up. They also had a condenser that was usually replaced at the same time. Distributor cap, rotor, spark plugs and ignition wires were also replaced during a complete tune up. I like to replace the air filter and fuel filter at the same time as the tune up is being performed.

On modern cars, some still have a need for a distributor cap and rotor in their ignition systems. Other modern cars and truck have no distributor assembly and all the ignition timing functions are controlled by the car's computer. A tune up on the modern distributorless vehicles basically consists of replacing spark plugs, ignition wires and fuel and filters. No adjustments have to be made as the computer makes all the adjustments automatically now.

Service intervals for a tune up can range from 30,000 miles to 100,000 miles depending on the manufacturer's recommended service intervals. Tuning up your vehicle will not only improve the performance of your car or truck, but will almost always increase your gas mileage.